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This is a showcase of all that I use in my trade as a photographer, I will update as I get more items

20071219_fg01aThe Canon G9… My first camera and believe or not I actually found it, as no one came forward to claim the G9 I decided to put it to good use on the road to running an online business. I found it to be a sturdy, compact device, with a decent zoom and a fair size display screen but the last is its only fault.

Canon_Powershot_SX20_IS_12_1_MP_Digital_Camera_3_FThe Canon SX20IS… Now my dear friend and brother would actually be the one to find this and as I was looking for an actual main camera and use my original as back up and despite seeing plenty go for around £190 used, I managed to snag mine for just £40 on E-Bay


Lowepro Mini Trekker AW… Now this would be a surprise item to add to my list as it would be (once again) my brother that would find it, I didn’t even know about this but he knew I needed a camera bag for all my gear and he got mine for just £5.

Now I don’t know if the seller didn’t realise what he was selling or whether he wanted a quick sale but I have researched these type of bags and they can go for anything between £50 – £180 pounds the bag comes with chest and waist straps, two outer and three inner pockets in the front with multiple configurations for the inner compartments.


50” Universal Digital Camera adjustable tripod stand… Now we had a few of these scattered throughout the house and it is one that I use though I find it rather short even at its most extended or perhaps it just finds me incredibly tall but either way this one piece of the kit I must replace


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One of my loves of photography is that no two photos are the same, whether water, land or air even fire is forever changing, light is forever altering the landscape, that shadows are constantly on the move, the same image can never be captured twice…my favourite effect is shots with a water surface reflection…See staff page for more…
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