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Any and all important information regarding dates I’m away will appear here – costumers should note that any orders submitted between any dates given here will not be processed till the day I return

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Images For Limited Edition Prints

All those that make it too our product gallery wall will be available in one size for one price, as these are Limited Editions, they are limited to one hundred prints per image and when we sell out – that’s it.

The size of prints will be 84.1 x 59.4 or an A1 size image at £249.00 each

Each image will be professionally mounted but unframed and each will have its title, print number and my logo and photography mark on the back

Please feel free to tour the collections

From The “General” Collection


From The “Tay” Collection:-



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One of my loves of photography is that no two photos are the same, whether water, land or air even fire is forever changing, light is forever altering the landscape, that shadows are constantly on the move, the same image can never be captured twice…my favourite effect is shots with a water surface reflection…See staff page for more…
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